Las necesidades de los pacientes 2024

The needs of patients 2024


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Learn about vasculitis

Experts in vasculitis will teach you about all aspects of your disease. Whether it is about you lungs, kidneys, or other organs. Whether it is about fatigue, the impact on your mind and your family.

Learn from the experts

Dr. Maria Cid

Prof. dr. Richard Kitching

Prof. dr. Peter Merkel


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Patient Journeys

Why should you attend?

Learn from other patiens

Because it is a rare disease you might think you ar alone. NOT TRUE. Meet other patients, share your experiences and learn from them.

Learn about all aspects

Not just about organs like lungs, kidneys, your hear etc. But also about fatigue, the impact on uour socia life and your loved ones.

Learn from the best

The more you know about your disease the better you can communicate with your doctor and other caregivers.

Learn to manage yourself

Researchers, doctors and the other patients you will meet can help you managing your disease and make life a bit more comfortable.

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